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Hose Distributors: Manage Your Inventory with TrulinX Lot Control

Hose reelsDistributors and fabricators of hose and tube assemblies have unique needs when it comes to tracking inventory.

Most inventory control systems show the total amount of hose or tubing lengths, but have no way to track the various lengths or shorts. This creates a situation where customer service reps have to physically check the warehouse to see what lengths are in stock.

The hose distribution industry requires a sophisticated inventory management system that includes the ability to determine at a moment’s notice which vendor provided you with a product, and which customer took delivery of a specific lot or reel.

TrulinX logo CNeed these capabilities? TrulinX is the answer.

Tribute's flagship ERP software package, TrulinX, has a lot tracking system with tools specifically designed for the industrial hose distribution industry. The system allows users to offer better service to their customers and the power and flexibility to comply with vendor and regulatory requirements.

The Lot Tracking system helps you manage your hose & tubing inventory with the following features:

Lot Control Inquiry
Improve customer service, save time and increase efficiencies by automatically viewing the various lots from Quote/Order Entry while discussing the customer needs to ensure you can serve them

Hose reels 3Receipt Line Assignment Process
Assign lots at the time of receiving when everything is there right in front of you, such as the various lengths on the reel of hose or tubing, so Customer Service has the information real-time upon receipt of the goods.

Pick Ticket Process / Bin Location Processing
The Lot Pick Ticket Report will tell you what Bin Location(s) the Lot(s) you need are located in, so you can streamline your Warehouse operations.

Shipment Confirmation
The system confirms which reel and/or lot you removed the hose from to keep it accurate and let you designate any scrap to a separate lot.

Product Age
Ability to assign lot numbers and quantities so that you use the oldest stock in the system first (FIFO) or vice versa.

Hydraulic pressure pipes system of construction machineryTraceability
Protect your assets by having complete visibility into the activity of each lot. With a click of a button, know where it came from, where it is located in your warehouse to where it was shipped.

Don't put your customers on hold any longer while you check if you have the stock to accommodate their needs! Check out TrulinX by Tribute, Inc.

Tribute has been servicing the hose and accessories industry for over 34 years and focuses on your business like no other distribution software company can. We design our features in TrulinX specifically around your business processes.

We help you identify and get tighter control of inventory cost and partner with major hose manufacturers to streamline your supply chain. It's simply really….we know your business better.

Call Tribute, Inc. at 800-874-2863 and ask for sales or visit for more information.

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