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Distrbution ERP Software for Fluid Power & Motion Control

36 Years of Expertise

Since 1983, Tribute Software has been providing integrated ERP software solutions, powering our customers past their competition by helping them better serve their customers, streamline their operations, lower costs, and enhance margins through better cost control.

We are most proud of our signature software solution, TrulinX, which helps industrial distributors bolster profits and gain an edge on competitors.  We incorporate more than 36 years of experience in hose & fittings distribution, fluid power, fluid handling, motion control, instrumentation and more! Tribute proves to remain the industry leader in ERP solutions for your industry. You get much more than just software. You get a strategic business partner that knows your business and what you need your software to do.

Some Of Our Clients

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How Customer Service Reps Can Help Control Costs for Industrial Distributors

It’s more important than ever to control and recover expenses for industrial distributors. Small to medium sized distributors need every advantage to compete against their bigger competitors (who keep acquiring their peers) and online giants like Amazon and Grainger. 

Your customer service reps (CSRs) can play a part in controlling costs and increasing profit margins. The key is to ensure you’re using new technology to help your CSRs accomplish these objective.

How Can TrulinX by Tribute, Inc. Help You Increase Your Profit Margins?

Special Features of TrulinX

TrulinX was designed specifically for industrial distributors that provide value-added and system integration services. TrulinX meets your unique needs with the following features:

  • Sophisticated Bill of Materials system to track complicated fabrication projects
  • Track Labor & Burden on complicated assemblies and outsource work easily
  • Customizable templates for cylinders, valve assemblies, hydraulic power units, etc.
  • Rebate Calculation for your major vendors
  • Easily manage and update vendor pricing
  • Reserve Stock and Preferred Items feature
  • Attaching Schematics and Images to Part Numbers to ensure accuracy
  • Different versions of the same kit
  • Designate Standard Pack Quantities (no broken box charges)

TrulinX Success Story: Behco-MRM

In 2011, H&P Technologies purchased MRM, Inc., and merged its operation into Behco. At the time each organization used a separate business management software system, which complicated their overall process.

Their primary goals for improving their system included:

  • Better track and manage inventory
  • Streamline labor intensive key job functions
  • Lower their annual software expenses

After an in-depth review of their options, they decided to invest in TrulinX to unify Behco and MRM into one business system.

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How Does Your Process Perform?

Doing a comprehensive review of your distribution process can be extremely time consuming, but it's important to know where your process falls short.  When you're able to identify problem areas within your process, you can then work to improve them to increase overall efficiency.  To help you with this evaluation, we've created an 11 questions assessment to give you a high level review of your current distribution process.

Take this short assessment to determine if TrulinX by Tribute, Inc. can  help take your business to the next level and increase your profit margin.

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TrulinX Customer Testimonial

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sales

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sales has been providing products, services, and solutions in the pneumatics, hydraulics, filtration and automation market since 1978. In 2007, they implemented the TrulinX software system and are pleased with the many improvements in the way they are able do business today.