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TrulinX Demo Webinar

Tribute develops enterprise-wide software for Industrial Distributors & Fabricators. Learn how Tribute can help you run your business more efficiently during our demo webinar.

TrulinX Demo Webinar

Tribute develops enterprise-wide software for Industrial Distributors & Fabricators. Learn how Tribute can help you run your business more efficiently during our demo webinar.


ERP Software For Distributors

What You’ll Learn

We will show you a high level overview of the TrulinX Software System. Tribute’s software solutions are focused on a niche market for the fluid power & motion control, industrial hose, fluid handling & sealing, instrumentation & process control industries and your unique requirements are built into every aspect of our software. Join us for a brief overview and let us show you why TrulinX is the choice software of your competition!

Key Features We'll Cover

TrulinX includes many specialized features that help improve a distributors’ process. We can’t show you everything in a one hour overview, but below are several features that we guarantee, once you see them in action, you will want to see our full demonstration of this dynamic package.


  • Easy Quoting/Order Entry: When quoting an assembly, TrulinX allows you to pick a pre-defined BOM, copy an existing one, or select one that may have several versions. Our sophisticated lot control and tracking system allows you to take time-consuming scenarios and make them a click of a button.
  • Work Order Management system to easily enter & substitute components on complicated assemblies like power units, cylinders, valve assemblies, pump systems, etc.
  • Counter Sales: Our industrial grade counter sales module enables you to process walk-in orders, or pickups, quickly and efficiently. You have the ability to complete the counter sales transaction directly from one screen in a timely fashion.
  • Manufacturing Representative Agency Quote/Order Entry: TrulinX is written so that your distribution orders and Agency/Manufacturer orders can be entered, booked, tracked and managed separately, while still providing you with the power of consolidating these different types of transactions into one organized database for sales and financial analysis.
  • Inventory Control/Purchasing Overview – We help you take control of your largest asset in your business! With TrulinX, you can group your items or product lines and manage them differently. Each group can have its own buying parameters, demand calculation, lead time calculation, and safety stock calculation for optimal inventory management. TrulinX offers several industry-standard calculation methods for buy quantity, forecasted lead time, and forecasted demand.
  • Labor/Burden Cost Tracking: Time is money, so including your labor and overhead time is important to your bottom line. That’s why the TrulinX BOM feature allows integration of labor and burden lines embedded within your BOMs to get a true picture of your gross margins.
  • Business Activity Display: This dashboard allows you to view the overall business activity statistics for a specified date or range of dates. Get a firm handle on your Sales Activity, Bookings, Backlog information, Inventory levels and turns, and Receivables information.

Featured Presenter

Bill Horrigan

Director of Sales, Tribute, Inc.

Bill Horrigan began his career at the former B.W. Rogers Company in Akron, Ohio (now Kaman Fluid Power) in 1988. The division of BW Rogers was sold to Tim Reynolds in 1994 and became a separate company called Tribute, Inc. With a background in computer science and over 32 years in the industrial distribution marketplace, Bill Horrigan understands what distributors need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. He’s been in over 2,000 distribution organizations and provided over 500 process improvement studies during his tenure at Tribute, Inc.

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When: Thursday, February 20th

Time: 10:30am - 11:30pm

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