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Bin Management

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In today’s market, an inefficient inventory management system can mean longer delivery times and a loss in overall profit. Typically, the main cause for these inefficiencies can be traced back to one of two things. Either the current processes have room to be improved or the system your company is using doesn’t provide the flexibility your team needs to be successful.

It can take a while before you notice inefficiencies within your inventory management system. Over time your productivity can even begin to dip without the proper processes in place. That is one of the main reasons why TrulinX, by Tribute, Inc., was created specifically for industrial distributors.

We have created a system that targets the pain points and most common inefficiencies that industrial distributors face daily. With features like system bin options and put away priority, managing your inventory becomes simple and easy.

TrulinX Bin Management Features

System Bin Options

With TrulinX you have the tools to design your warehouse around the most efficient picking flow and create unlimited bins per item, such as creating overflow bins, pick and hold bins, salespeople bins, etc. In addition, you can also utilize standard system-generated bins to allow for the proper categorization of materials or products, along with bins specific to certain business classifications and processes, such as:

  • Inspection
  • Scrap
  • Stock
  • Turnaround
  • Work in Progress 

Put Away Priority

Many operations utilize items that are stored in multiple bins throughout the facility. With TrulinX, the put away priority value can be used to determine the order in which bins should be replenished when items are automatically put away. Once one bin reaches maximum capacity, TrulinX will notify the team member to put any excess items into the next priority bin.

Shifting Items from One Bin to Another

Without the ability to move items between bins, operations within a facility can become slow and inefficient. TrulinX helps solve this problem by allowing you to shift multiple items between bins within a location. Making it easy to rearrange your warehouse when new product lines arrive.

In the TrulinX system, you will notice that the shifting and management of your bins are mostly contained on one single screen. It is here where you will have the flexibility to move items from one bin to the next. You will also be able to change any of the following bin attributes:

  • Picking Priority
  • Available Status
  • Permanent Status 
  • Put Away Priority 

The Benefits of TrulinX

Generate Multiple Bins

Facilities that have a large catalog of items need to have a way to track and manage inventory. With TrulinX, you have many options available to assist in the tracking of items. One of these is the ability to generate multiple bins.

View Items or Bin Information by Location

Having a system in place for managing inventory is only effective if it lets you keep an eye on your products. TrulinX helps in the tracking process by allowing your team to view items by location. It can also display all of the bins in a given location as well.

Modify Bins

Flexibility is often one of the biggest challenges that comes with an inventory management platform. Many of the systems on the market today don’t provide the option to change information on an existing bin and force you to delete it completely. With TrulinX you have that flexibility and can modify any bin you have created.

Improve Inventory Efficiency with TrulinX Bin Management

Making the decision to switch to a new inventory management solution can be difficult, especially if you have had the same system in place for years. However, with TrulinX you have a team of specialists ready to support you. The Tribute team can help you with any type of integrations or system training your employees might need to be successful.

Request a demo today to learn how TrulinX by Tribute, Inc. can help improve the way you manage your inventory.

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