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TribNet User's Group Conference 2021

Virtual Conference: June 21-25, 2021

One of the best values in business today is the training you receive at TribNet User’s Group Conference. You and your team will learn about recently implemented features and changes made due to customer feedback and the program review process, as well as other important features, all of which will allow you to realize the full benefits of your ERP solution and improve your business practices.In addition,you will have the opportunity to network with other Tribute and TrulinX users through various community boards and networking rooms. Attendees will also be able to interact with our valued partner exhibitors and learn what's new with products that integrate and enhance your ERP solution.


Here's the Scoop!

  • Company dues remain at $700 per company, includes one attendee, and is good through the end of the year.  No late fees will be applied.
  • Additional Attendees are $50.00 each
  • 7 or More Attendees - Unlimited pricing at $1,000 (includes dues).
  • All Access to the conference materials and videos for the six months.  Go back and watch the recordings as you need to or download presentation materials.
  • Easy way to sit in on the PPAB or Program Review Sessions to learn first-hand about the upgrades being considered and scheduled for your software.
  • Additional online training sessions offered outside of TribNet Virtual Conference: Buy 3 sessions get the 4th for free.
  • All Access to the TribNet User’s Forum on Basecamp which allows you to network and start discussions with other members all year long.
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE is extended to June 4, 2021.

Tribute Program Review & TrulinX PPAB

Please note that Tribute Program Review and TrulinX PPAB will be held on Monday, June 14, 2021



Monday, June 21: 

11:00 am – President’s Message

1:00 pm Keynote Speaker, Frank Hurtte

2:15 afternoon sessions begin


Tuesday – Friday, June 22-25:

Afternoon sessions begin around 11:00 and concludes by 4:30 pm EST (2:30 on Friday).



Keynote Speaker

Frank Hurtte, River Heights Consulting

We are excited to announce Frank Hurtte as our Keynote Speaker. 

Frank Hurtte is one of the thought leaders in Industrial Distribution.  As a salesperson for one of the leading industrial automation manufacturers, he was noted for two things.  One, he ran over 99 percent of his business through distribution.   Secondly, over a 12-year period, he outgrew the rest of his organization’s business by double the national average.  As the leader of an industrially focused distributor, he developed a sales model that took business from $17 Million to $160 Million over a 14-year period. 

Since founding River Heights Consulting in 2005, he has authored four books and over 500 articles covering topics related to knowledge-based distribution.  His book, The Distributor’s Fee-Based Services Manifesto, was described as “a license for making money”.  His latest book, Plan on Breaking Through, Customer-Based Strategic Planning for Sellers, extends the concept by demonstrating how distributors must match their services to customers willing to pay for the services distributors provide.

Hurtte has consulted with manufacturers and industrial distributors literally around the world.  For the past decade, Hurtte has been following the evolution of distributors.  He has documented some marked changes in the way different types of distributors operate and goes against the grain in the way he sees the future.

While most consultants dwell on mega-distributors and online parts guys who sell brown boxes, Frank works with companies who combine high end services and technical prowess to help customers generate bigger bottom lines and better end products. 

Instead of tales of woe, he preaches positioning for a bigger future. 

Frank's Keynote Presentation

Accelerating out of the Pandemic

Join industry thought leader and distribution veteran Frank Hurtte of River Heights Consulting as he explores the things distributors must do to position as the Pandemic comes to an end and the much awaited “new normal” becomes a reality.  Rather than talk distribution, Hurtte will outline the changes customers are planning, how they impact distribution, and what a distributor might do to be in better position to provide value. 

The experts agree on several things:  The latter-half of 2021 will be a strong growth period for our industry.  Key workers will never fully return to regular commute; flex-work is here to stay.  Our customers will push for profitability.  And the new normal will not resemble 2019.  What you will hear is designed to give knowledge-based distributors a valuable head-start in positioning for growth.   

One more thing, Frank and his River Heights Consulting team is noted for providing “take-home” resources along with his presentations.  Be prepared to get not only a talk but a treasure trove of goodies to make your company Accelerate out of the Pandemic.

Joint Sessions & Tribute Software Sessions

Joint Sessions

Managing Inventory Post Pandemic (JOINT Tribute/TrulinX session)

Inventory management expert Jon Schreibfeder will return this year with some essential tips for managing your inventory after weathering the drastic changes in your business in 2020.

Opening Session

Susie Hopper, President of Tribute, Inc., will present an annual State of Tribute address in which she reviews the progress, projects, and plans at Tribute.

President's Forum

Q&A session time with Tribute President Susie Hopper

Tribute System Users

New Features

Come and see the features our Tribute programming staff has added to the Tribute product.

Tribute Master Class

Our most popular session is back again this year, with a new instructor in order to continue giving you the freshest and most important tips for using the Tribute product. You won’t want to miss this one.

New User Introduction

Have you recently hired new employees? This session is specifically designed for you. This session is designed to orient new employees to the Tribute product. This is a 30,000 foot view of our product to give you a good kick start to your Tribute software experience.

Lot Control Setup & Management

This session will detail the steps to set up lot and use the lot control functionality in Tribute.

Accounting Tips & Tricks

Tami Carper is back with more of her best tips and tricks for using the different accounting features in Tribute.

Sales & Upper Management Reports & Inquiries

Come to this session to learn the best reports and inquiries available to your sales team and your upper management team in Tribute to help you perform best in your important roles.

Managing Counter Sales

If you have a store location, this session is for you and your store employees. We will discuss in detail how to set up use the counter sale module to it’s full potential to keep your store efficient and thriving.


Tribute System Users

Understanding Physical Inventory

This session will help you understand the process and give you some extra tools to work with to make the process even easier. We also invite you to share your best preparation steps for doing a count, tips for how you can make the process more efficient for your staff.

Managing Inventory Post Pandemic (JOINT Tribute/TrulinX session)

Inventory management expert Jon Schreibfeder will return this year with some essential tips for managing your inventory after weathering the drastic changes in your business in 2020.

CSR Tips & Tricks

This session is geared to our CSR’s! We’ll focus particularly on OQE entry for BOMs, generic BOMs, hose assemblies, and much more BOM related topics.


Understanding OHSM

If any part of your business is hose assemblies, come to this session to learn how to create hose assembly templates to make order entry a breeze!

Basic Report Tips

We’ll help you understand basic report tools like RP, FILEJS, UTRAN, and an IVHDU.



Sales and CSR Huddle

This roundtable is designed for user to user discussion related to any and all parts of the CSR and sales roles. Share tips and get ideas for doing you job better with a Tribute facilitator to help you find any tools available in the software to help.

Receivables & Payables Confab

This roundtable is designed for user to user discussion related to any and all parts of the payables and receivables roles. Share tips and get ideas for doing your job better with a Tribute facilitator to point you to any programs or features that might help you.

TrulinX Sessions

TrulinX Master Class

Our most popular session is back again this year, with a new instructor in order to continue giving you the freshest and most important tips for using the TrulinX product. You won’t want to miss this one.

New Features – What’s Been Done

This general session will show you all the enhancements we have made to our product in the past year. We have been particularly productive and ingenious this past year, and we have implemented many long-requested features that we are sure will make your business the best it has been.

New Features – What Features Can You Look for in the Near Future

Come to this session to see what we have on the product development docket for the coming year!

TrulinX Air: Automating Your Warehouse

Last year, we unveiled the full version of our warehouse automation product. We’ve made several small enhancements since then based on customer feedback, so if you missed it last year, or you are interested in seeing it for the first time, come to this session!

Horrigan's Helpful Hints

Bill will be back with his best tips & tricks.

New User Introduction

Have you recently hired new employees? Or has your company recently gone Live on TrulinX? This session is specifically designed for you. We will familiarize you with the screen types, help you navigate them easily, orient you to the menu structure, discuss how Support works, and much much more. This is a 30,000-foot view of our product to give you a good kick start to your TrulinX software experience.

Best Practices for Database and Server Management

This has been a long-requested session and we’ve worked hard to bring together the best recommendations and approaches to keeping your TrulinX database and server running efficiently, and even how to recover quickly after a disaster. We’ll discuss backups, saving historical data, purging and archiving, data recovery plans, keeping business continuity when disaster occurs, security options, cleaning up bad data, and recreating lost data after a system crash, and much more.

Accounts Payable - Small Cheats, Big Impacts

Instead of focusing on the processing of payables, this session will focus on other less-used and sometimes enigmatic features of the payables module. Things that commonly trip up our users will be better illuminated and you will walk away feeling much more confident in your skill. We will focus on things like debit adjustments, expected vs accepted cost, PO variances, PO tolerances, reprinting checks, voiding checks, and closing vouchers that don’t close automatically. This class is not for the beginner, but rather the more experienced payables employee who would like to pick up important tips and better understand the features outside of the daily processing features.

Reports for Managers

This session will focus on the reports and inquiries in TrulinX that are specifically designed for management. Whether you are in Operations, Sales, or other management role, this session promises to be informative.

Inventory Linchpins

Since inventory is the most critical part of your business, we thought we’d take some time to remind of all of the features and programs available to manage your inventory in TrulinX. We will discuss renaming items, deleting items, setting up bulk parts with the correct pricing, default item settings, reports for managing inventory, and much more. Note that this class will not discuss anything related to buying inventory.

System Surgery with No Surprises

We’re going to help you avoid the pitfalls that can sometimes occur, sometimes disastrously, when certain system changes are made without careful consideration. We’ll help you understand how to change the admin password, set up printers, change IP addresses, add or close locations, and much more so you can keep TrulinX running and avoid business interruptions. Come to this session to learn how to eliminate risk when making changes that impact your TrulinX system.

Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN)

We’re very excited about this new feature, and we know you will be, too, after you see how it works in this session.



TrulinX in the Cloud

The most exciting enhancement to our product to date – the cloud version! Our customer relationship manager, Jeff Waite, will facilitate this roundtable to show you a sneak peek and let you hear from some of our early adopters.

Tracking Labor

Part instruction, part discussion on how to track labor on financials, reports and inquiries for tracking labor, and setting up labor in TrulinX.

Working from Home Post Pandemic

If your staff is working from home part-time or full-time these days, this roundtable will be beneficial for picking up tips on how to keep employees productive, how to create better boundaries at home, keeping up morale, and any ideas and suggestions we have all learned and implemented over the past year. Come and share and get some much-needed guidance on this “new normal”.