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Warehouse Management

Man managing warehouse

TrulinX helps industrial distributors improve speed and accuracy in the warehouse.

Efficient, effective warehouse management is a necessity for industrial distributors. The adage “time is money” is true in the world of distribution and logistics, and the right mobile warehouse solution can help your business operate more efficiency, improve the ability to track inventory and supplies, and provide better service.

With TrulinX, the hard work involved with proper warehouse management is done for you. Tribute’s leading business management software provides industrial distributors with a feature-rich mobile warehouse management system that allows for efficient management of all warehouse operations. TrulinX’s warehouse management capabilities allow your team members to seamlessly manage inventory, streamline workflows and tasks, and provide complete visibility for your customers.

TrulinX Warehouse Management Features

Bin Moves

Complicated bin to bin procedures are time-consuming, clumsy, and frustrating. TrulinX’s Bin Move feature simplifies these procedures to help your team save time and eliminate the possibility for errors.

With TrulinX, users can make on-demand inventory movements with real-time validation. The Bin Move feature lets workers know if they are scanning valid bar codes for items, bins, and materials. Any bad scans will result in a bad beep to notify users that they need to correct their entry to avoid issues.

Put Away

The right put away system can drastically reduce the chances of misplaced items and a disorganized warehouse. TrulinX’s Put Away feature automates this process to limit potential mishaps and create new efficiencies.

The Put Away feature provides both flexibility and simplicity by guiding users to route received inventory to intended destination bins via an intuitive interface. While streamlining this process, users are still able to override the presumed receipt quantity to address any discrepancies between a vendor’s packing slip and items received. The Put Away feature also gives users the power to choose a different bin to accommodate full bins and other potential constraints like full bins.

Order Pull

TrulinX Air revolutionizes how orders are picked in your warehouse. The Order Pull feature allows users to streamline the order picking process and improve customer satisfaction through the following benefits.

  • Fill multiple pick tickets in a single pass through the warehouse.
  • Guide all the pick tickets in an order pull from bin to bin, eliminating any back tracking through a bin sequence field maintained by the user.
  • Combine pick ticket lines for the same item and bin to choose items once for the total quantity recorded in the database.
  • Use bin zones to group bins by inventory type or by proximity.
  • “Divide and conquer” an order pull by utilizing zones to allow multiple users pick for the same order pull at the same time.
  • Assign order pulls to a staging ID so that the counterparts can be joined together easily and with confidence.

Physical Inventory

With the Physical Inventory feature, users can improve the speed and accuracy of inventory counts and simplify the process. TrulinX’s cycle counting system allows for “Best Practice” inventory control that streamlines your physical inventory management through the following benefits.

  • Define A, B, & C items and set counting parameters for each item to comply with the highest industry standards.
  • Dictate how many items are counted each day to maximize personnel use.
  • Designate what items you want inventoried and “freeze” that section to prevent activity during the cycle count.
  • Collect required bin, item, and quantity data by typing in information or with the barcode scanner.
  • Automatically upload and import scanner data into TrulinX and run exception reports to show the differences between system and physical counts.

Staging Areas

With TrulinX, users can utilize Staging IDs to create staging areas for different parts of an order, even if they come from different bin zones. This feature gives individuals the flexibility to assign every order pull to a staging ID in case they need to stop the pull and come back to it later. In addition, users can set TrulinX up to automatically inform warehouse staff to create a staging area once they complete an order pull in the selected bin zone(s). Finally, users can print the staging ID as a barcode that they can place on a sign or cone in the warehouse to designate the appropriate staging area.

Email Notifications

TrulinX helps create instant accountability and awareness through the Email Notifications feature. Anytime a discrepancy or exception occurs during a workflow in the warehouse, TrulinX will immediately send out email notifications to relevant personnel. Organizations can also set up TrulinX to send out email notifications whenever items have changes in the put-away process, such as an overage, a shortage, a bin override, or a vendor return.

Shipment Process

A streamlined shipment process plays a pivotal part for a successful warehouse. TrulinX provides organizations with a trio of key features that satisfy customer labeling requirements and improve the speed and accuracy of their shipment process.

  • Customized Packing Lists – Add customizable barcodes to packing slips to simplify the receiving process. TrulinX gives users the ability to print barcodes on the packing list for the following fields: Customer PO Number, Packing List Number, Item Number / Customer Part Number, Quantity Shipped, Line Number / Customer Line Number, and Serial Number.
  • Item Shipping Labels – Set up barcoded item labels for bags, bundles, and other containers within a specific customer shipment. Users can configure item shipping labels in multiple ways (specific companies, company ship-to, all companies, etc.) and include any of the following fields: Customer PO, Customer Item Number, Blanket Release Count, Mark Number, Pricing Contract, and more.
  • Serial Numbered Labels – TrulinX helps organizations track customer’s hose assemblies and other serialized products by automatically generating unique serial numbers for items or assemblies and accompanying them with a label that accurately tags theses items or assemblies as they’re built.

Take Control of Warehouse Management with TrulinX

It’s time to go beyond the normal software vendor. TrulinX gives your organization the tools you need to manage your warehouse efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive marketplace.

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