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TrulinX Cloud-Hosted ERP Software

TrulinX Cloud digital transformation

Upgrade Your ERP Business Management Software to a Cloud-Hosted ERP Solution

TrulinX is Tribute’s cloud-hosted ERP business solution for innovative fluid power, hose, engineered products, automation and related industry-leading companies that want the best technology to run their business. It is the same niche-focused ERP solution we’ve provided for nearly 40 years, packed with all the rich features you expect as an industrial distributor – with one difference: it’s cloud-hosted. TrulinX provides increased accessibility and collaboration for industrial distributors, allowing you to improve your overall efficiency, productivity and profitability while also providing better customer service and eliminating the need for an on-premise server.

Benefits of TrulinX Cloud-Hosted ERP Software for Distributors

Making the digital transformation to a cloud-hosted ERP software like TrulinX provides industrial distributors with many advantages. Compared to on-premises software that is deployed on a single server maintained at your site, TrulinX can also be hosted on a network of connected virtual cloud servers. This allows you to access everything TrulinX has to offer from anywhere with an internet connection.

Some of the additional benefits of Tribute’s cloud-hosted ERP software includes:

  • Reduce down time with our advanced, easy-to-use technology.
  • Promote seamless workflow between departments.
  • Eliminate expensive IT hardware services for a dedicated server.
  • Automatically receive the latest releases and third-party updates.
  • Reduce stress because you don’t have to worry about a server crashing.
  • Minimize support costs due to economies of scale – everyone is on the same version.

Transition to TrulinX ERP Software Cloud-Hosted Solution Today

Tribute’s cloud-hosted ERP software allows industrial distributors to have more flexibility and scalability to help streamline processes and better serve customers. If you’re interested in transitioning your ERP software to a hosted ERP software solution, contact us today. We’ll help you move to our TrulinX cloud-hosting service with minimal downtime using Microsoft Azure. Our TrulinX support team also provides real-time assistance if you ever have any questions or need technical support.

To learn more about making the transition, check out our blog post with helpful cloud migration tips.

Call (800) 874-2883 or fill out a form to learn more about our cloud-hosted ERP solution today!

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