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UPS OnLine® Tools Made Easy!

Ups-logo We posted an article on OzLINK two years ago, but thought it merited a repeat because this application is so handy. TrulinX software comes with complete integration of UPS and FedEx, but some customers wanted a way to quickly estimate UPS freight charges without the trouble of going to the UPS website.

One of our customers mentioned to his UPS rep that it would be nice if he had a way to estimate UPS freight without taking the time to do the research on the UPS website. The rep suggested he look at free application by OzLINK - UPS OnLine® Tools.

Ozlink-ratingThe nice thing about the application is that you can see the standard freight charges AND negotiated freight charges just by having the ship-from zip code, ship-to zip code, and package weight. It also has tracking tools and the ability to price out international shipments.

OzLINK is a free application available to any company who ships packages with UPS and can be installed on as many PCs as necessary. The OzLINK “PLUS” package comes with additional features for a nominal monthly fee.

Here’s what OzLINK says about their services:

With OzLINK, you can quickly and easily track packages, check rates and validate addresses all from within one application. Easy to use, install and maintain, OzLINK Standard is the perfect tool for sales and customer service representatives.

UPS Rating
Rating packages or shipments has never been more efficient! OzLINK displays all services, rates and delivery commitment times with a single click of a button. For even greater flexibility, OzLINK enables you to see either your UPS negotiated rates or the UPS standard rates.

Ozlink-trackingPackage Tracking
Track packages faster than ever! OzLINK allows you to track with standard UPS tracking numbers or by package reference number.

Address Validation
Quickly validate a customer's city, state and postal code to prevent delivery delays and improve customer satisfaction. OzLINK provides you with a confirmation of a good address or a list of suggestions for a valid destination.

Clipboard Integration
Moving data in and out of OzLINK is also simple. All three functions within OzLINK come with their own Data In and Data Out buttons. These buttons are best described as "intelligent cut & paste" as they move data in and out of the Windows clipboard but are aware of what has been selected on the screen.

For example, when on the address validation screen, Data In will parse an address in the clipboard and place city, state and zip in the appropriate fields. When on the rating screen, the Data Out will move one rate or all rates into the clipboard depending on what is highlighted in the output rate box.