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Understanding the Basics of Credit Card Tokenization & Secure Payments

3delta-systems-color-logoFor companies that accept credit and debit card payments, a breach of credit card and confidential customer data is among the most serious risks a business faces. Failure to protect data leads to financial costs, customer defections and loss of reputation — all of which affect the bottom line and public perception.

3dsi-protectTo protect card data, you might encrypt and you might tokenize it. But many are confused by what tokenization is — how it’s different from encryption, and how they complement each other.

Tribute's secure payment processing vendor partner, 3Delta Systems, has a great article explaining the difference between encryption and tokenization, and why, as a distributor who takes credit card payments, the data should be tokenized to comply with PCI DSS requirements and protect your customer's data.

Click here for the full article.

3dsi-cardvault3Delta Systems is partnered with Tribute, Inc. to provide users of TrulinX and the Tribute Software System and secure way to process credit card transactions. For more information about 3Delta Systems visit

For Tribute customers that want more information on integration with 3DSI, please contact Jeff Waite Tribute at 800-TRIBUTE x225.