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Spiceworks New Feature: User Groups

Spicworks groupsSpiceworks, the social network for the IT community, has established user groups. We previously reported on the benefits of joining this unique IT community in our article, Spiceworks: A Social Network for IT.

Groups in the Spiceworks community are created by IT pros like you chatting about the stuff (inside and outside of work) that you care about.

Completely user-driven, there are groups for IT professionals that are basically on their own (1-man show), discussions on DIY and lifehacks, stories from the depths of Help Desk Hell, a military and veterans group, and more.

For those IT professionals that work at small businesses, the 1-Man show group can be a great resource to exchange ideas and ask for input from others on tricky issues.  Spiceworks also provides many free apps and helpful articles .

Click here for more information on Spiceworks Groups or Spiceworks free apps and helpful articles.

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