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NSBA's Top Policy Priorities for 2017

NSBA-LOGOThe National Small Business Association (NSBA) held its 2017 Small Business Congress in Washington, D.C. recently where small business leaders from across the country discussed topics ranging from tax reform and alternative financing to improving the Affordable Care Act and regulatory reform.

A special highlight of the conference was the welcome speakers, House Small Business Committee Chair Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) and Ranking Member Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) who discussed the state of small-business legislation in Congress and what they expect to focus on in the coming year.

NSBA-SBCThe two-day conference was packed full with policy discussions and culminated in attendees voting on NSBA’s policy priorities for the coming two years. NSBA attendees listed their Top 5 priorities as:

  1. Rein-in the Costs of Health Care
    Policymakers should prioritize health care cost containment and seek substantial relief from the many burdens and regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act.
  2. Reform the Current Tax Regime
    NSBA supports a broad overhaul and simplification of the tax system by dramatically broadening the base—cutting the breaks that litter the tax code—and lowering rates.
  3. Corporate Tax Reform that Includes Small Business   
    NSBA opposes efforts to pass corporate-only tax reform without some kind of workable solution for the millions of pass-through small businesses that will see no relief from corporate-only reform.
  4. Improve Access to Credit and Strengthen SBA Lending
    NSBA urges Congress and regulators to improve and enhance the availability of credit, capital and equity financing to small businesses, and strengthen SBA’s successful lending programs.
  5. Improve Small-Business Contracting
    NSBA supports reasonable legislative and regulatory reforms that promote, facilitate and enhance small-business participation in the federal marketplace

To view NSBA’s entire list of priorities click here.  To read up on the benefits of joining NSBA, click here.


Tribute, Inc. owner Tim Reynolds is the former Chair of the National Small Business Association - a staunchly nonpartisan organization advocating for America’s small businesses. Click here to learn more about their mission and how to join.