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NFPA Launches Fluid Power Education & Workforce Development Initiative

NFPA-logoFluid power education and workforce development are two of National Fluid Power Association’s major strategic priorities. To better educate high school students about careers in fluid power, the NFPA has created a 3-pronged approach to this initiative.

Splitting up the former Education Committee into three separate entities: the Middle & High School, Technical School, and University Education Committees, the NFPA hopes to create a comprehensive program to educate and train the future fluid power workforce.

NFPA-Student-SmartForceSummitThe newly formed Middle & High School Education Committee had its first meeting in February and is still actively seeking members. With only a small and flexible time commitment, volunteers who serve on the committee have an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of young students around the country as well as on the future of the fluid power industry.

Currently the committee is made up of the following members:

  • Larry Davis, Daman Products Company Inc.
  • William Parks, Deltrol Fluid Products
  • Barb DeCesare, Hydraforce
  • Teri Shaver, Price Engineering
  • Nina Baker, Tribute, Inc.
  • Hollis White, White Drive Products, Inc.

NFPA-StudentCareerConnectionsThe main focus of the committee is to promote the Student Career Connections program. Newly established early last year, NFPA’s Student Career Connections program allows for companies to host area classrooms for a few hours at their facility. Student Career Connections is very flexible, allowing for the member company to provide however much time and resources they are able to offer.

For some, this means an entire afternoon that incorporates a Q & A with an engineer, lunch with the students, and a work-period that allows students to build pre-made fluid power classroom kits. For others, it may simply mean a tour of their facilities. Click here for a roadmap to help you get involved in your local school. Some of the benefits of the Student Career Connections program:

  • The cost of participation is low.
  • The program builds connections and could help with future employee recruitment.
  • The program is an opportunity to showcase participating companies as making a difference in their community.

NFPA-TechSchoolCommitteThe new Technical School Education Committee will help support a growing number of programs and activities targeted at technical schools and community colleges. The purpose will be to provide needed direction and support to NFPA programs that can increase the number of technically trained people capable of integrating and applying fluid power, and that can connect those people to careers in the fluid power industry. Maureen Fitzsimmons of Bimba Manufacturing and Marti Wendel of Curtiss-Wright will be chairing this committee.

The NFPA Education and Technology Foundation is a tax-exempt, charitable organization that is committed to meeting the workforce development needs of the U.S. in fluid power industry. The Foundation raises money from individuals, institutions and corporations interested in supporting its purpose, and oversees programs designed to engage students at middle and high school grade levels in learning about fluid power.

NFPA-FluidPowerChallengeLed by industry volunteers and administered by the NFPA, the Foundation envisions a world in which fluid power provides safe, clean and efficient energy for an ever-increasing range of applications.  Some of their initiatives include:

If interested in these programs or participating in the Student Careers Connections program, contact Lynn Byers at and get started making a difference in tomorrow’s workforce, today!


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