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Manufacturing Day 2019 Registration Open

Will you be participating in Manufacturing Day this year?

Join thousands of manufacturers across North America as they open their doors to show the public what modern manufacturing looks like and inspire the next generation of skilled workers needed in manufacturing and industrial distribution.

The official date for Manufacturing Day 2019 is Friday, October 4, but any day can be MFG DAY. How you participate needs to work for you, so feel free to choose when you host your event!

What requirements does your event need to meet in order to be an official MFG DAY event?

  • Must consist of a tour of a manufacturing facility, office, innovation center, or other site; other creative student-invite type of event at a manufacturing or manufacturing-supporting site (e.g., design office, software company, etc.); school event about manufacturing; manufacturing-related jobs fair; manufacturing-related career day event; or manufacturing product expo or similar event.
  • Must be open to students, parents and/or educators.

Several Tribute customers have participated in this program in the past and educated the public about their companies and their manufacturing capabilities. 

There are many diverse companies and industries participating, from Aerotech firms to breweries and wineries to metal stamping and more. To find an event, click here.

Do you want to inspire the next generation of manufacturers? Check out the Smart Manufacturing Comic Book and app that showcases how augmented reality, IoT, and additive manufacturing are transforming modern manufacturing.

Want to know how MFG Day events positively change the perception of manufacturing? If interested in hosting an event, click here for helpful information and resources.

Tribute, Inc. is the premier provider of ERP business management software for industrial distributors that provide fabrication and value-added services. For more information about TrulinX software, contact us or visit


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Tribute, Inc. is a provider of ERP business management software for distributors and system integrators in the fluid power, hose, motion control, automation, fluid handling & pump industry who provide value-added services.