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Is Your Industrial Workforce Ready?

ToolingU-blogWhat are you doing to retain or replace the knowledge of your retiring work force?

There are many strategies you can take to accomplish this and ToolingU-SME, an organization for manufacturing training, has an informative blog that addresses many of these issues.

First of all, your company requires a learning culture and leadership behaviors that exemplify the culture. How do you turn that knowledge into action?  Check out ToolingU's posts, The Importance of a Learning Culture and Leadership: Time to Engage with Workforce Development.

ToolingU-5 ReasonsSecondly, you'll need to make sure your new hires get the proper training. While they may be able to learn a lot from the outgoing employee, many times they may not have the opportunity to train their replacement or may not be up on the latest in manufacturing. In this case, they can take classes through ToolingU or other training options.

Be Progressive: Build Your Own Workforce

Plus, forward thinking companies should start to build their own pipelines to help attract workers by connecting with their local high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, community colleges, community-based organizations, and public workforce system. To accomplish this, check out ToolingU's posts on how to build community partnerships, Community Partnerships Address Skills Gap and The Collaborative Path to Workforce Solutions.

Thirdly, training must go beyond the initial hire phase. Learn why in the ToolingU post, 5 Reasons Training Must Go Beyond Onboarding.

ToolingU-Knowledge-into-ActionToolingU-SME also offers a free Workforce Assessment- a short series of questions about your company’s knowledge retention, readiness of future skill requirements, and the status of employee development programs which will help you assess your ability to meet current and future workforce challenges.


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