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Got-Autism: A Success Story

Got-AutismIn May 2009, Rodney Landers of Hydrotech, a fluid power/motion control distributor and solutions provider based in Cincinnati, wrote an article for our blog about their new venture that had nothing to do with fluid power - Got-Autism.

Hydrotech employee, Tammy Andersson, the mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome (a high functioning form of autism), along with the staff of Hydrotech, created an organization that utilized their experience as distributors to provide educational, therapeutic, and practical life products for children and teens living with autism.

Tammy-anderssonSince their founding in the fall of 2008, Got-Autism has grown significantly and now provides a wealth of resources in addition to educational and therapeutic products. Got-Autism’s mission is to create awareness and help the autism community become more recognized for their exceptional differences and abilities.

As an advocate for autism, they provide on-going financial support to the ASD community through charity fundraisers and by donating 5% of the sale of each product to fund autism treatment, therapies, as well as promoting outreach programs to increase understanding and compassion for those living with autism.

In fact, these days you’ll find Got-Autism founder and president, Tammy Andersson, on Facebook and YouTube talking about the founding of the organization and giving helpful advice to parents dealing with the diagnosis on her blog. Thanks to the help of her family, employer and colleagues at Hydrotech, Tammy is busy helping those with autism achieve satisfying and productive lives.

Know someone with a form of autism? Check out the Got-Autism website for resources, educational products and holiday gift ideas.

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