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Gates Industrial Power Transmission Helps Increase Uptime with Proper Maintenance

Gates Logo No one can afford downtime. Fortunately, costly maintenance can be avoided. If you’re replacing the belts on your drives as often as twice per year, ask why. Each time a belt breaks, don't just replace and discard it. Ignoring the underlying cause results in ever-decreasing performance and costly belt replacement. And not only are you wasting money, you're also squandering maintenance time.

An effective preventive maintenance program keeps your facility running safely and at optimum capacity. Properly maintained belt drives can be your most cost-effective and reliable power transmission solution. Industrial belt drive performance is negatively impacted by many factors:


Gates Corporation provides plant surveys and preventative maintenance seminars to help you address this problem. They also offer additional tools, available through Gates distributors, to simplify and accelerate preventive maintenance activities as well as a couple of handy guides to identify causes of failure and find recommendations on corrective measures.

A simple online registration process provides access to these guides and a host of free power transmission case studies specific to your industry and application. Gates also offers a weekly Belt Tip newsletter and a Belt Preventive Maintenance website with more free resources.