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Gates Design Flex Software Allows Quick Design of Belt Drives

GatesLogoGates Corporation offers a professional grade design tool for two-point V-belt and synchronous belt drives and calculating installation tension.

Design Flex® software gives you the freedom to create multiple “what if” belt drive designs without wasting time or money.

Gates-DesignFlexScreenDesign Flex Lets You:

  • Save time and money with a quick design that fits your parameters
  • Easily print, email, and create PDFs of your design specifications
  • Design using different languages to service customers outside the U.S.

For more information on Design Flex, click here. Read our previous articles on Gates mobile apps and Gates hose design, monitoring and diagnostic solutions.


Tribute, Inc. has partnered with Gates Corporation to streamline their distributor's supply chain and cut costs by the integration with their PowerPro program and many other features. Click link to see the benefits TrulinX software offers Gates Distributors.