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Gates Corporation Introduces Gates Industrial Safety

Gates-IndustrialSafetyGates Corporation is committed to safety and has introduced their Industrial Safety program —onsite safety training, specializing in preventive maintenance and the operation of safe, productive equipment, including hydraulic hose assemblies, industrial hose assemblies, and belt drive systems.

No matter what industry you’re in - oil & gas, mining, construction, or manufacturing - they will custom design a free safety training session to meet you and your employees’ needs. A Gates Certified Safety Expert will train you onsite, around your schedule.

Beef Up Your Safety IQ

Gates-safetyIQTo ensure your company maximum productivity, their training sessions take no more than three hours. An added bonus, their hydraulic and industrial hose trainings are free.

Gates Corporation has also issued a Safe Hydraulics Pocket Guide, where you’ll learn how choosing the “right” hydraulic hose, couplings, crimping equipment, and accessories will help you:

  • Reduce hose failure, downtime, and liability
  • Improve uptime, production, and profitability
  • Decrease safety hazards, accidents, and injury
  • Extend your equipment service life and bottom line

Gates-Hydraulic-SafetyAgGates Safety Resources

Download their Safe Hydraulics Pocket Guide to see how preventive maintenance and safety procedures can help you maintain long-lasting hydraulic hose assemblies.

Click links to see which training is right for you and here to check out their safety resources including video safety tips.


Tribute, Inc. has partnered with Gates Corporation to streamline their distributor's supply chain and cut costs by the integration with their PowerPro program and many other features. Click link to see the benefits TrulinX software offers Gates Distributors.