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Check out the Handy Tools Gates has for Hose Distributors

Gates-design-connectGates Corporation has some handy tools for those that distribute and fabricate their hose products.

Their DesignConnect software allows you to access their interactive hose products catalog to quickly access Gates hose, couplings, and adapters.

Search for and determine the correct product number in three easy ways:

1. Specify product attributes using drop-down boxes
2. Enter technical attributes and parameters
3. Graphically search by product images

Gates-e-crimp mobile appThe Gates eCrimp mobile app allows users to access the most up-to-date crimp specifications on hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. With just a few taps, you’ll have all the specs you need to outfit your customers’ assemblies. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

You can also help your staff practice proper preventive maintenance and safety procedures with Gates' Hydraulic Maintenance & Safety Pocket Guide.


Gates PowerProTribute, Inc. has partnered with Gates Corporation to streamline their distributor's supply chain and cut costs by the integration with their PowerPro program and many other features. Click link to see the benefits TrulinX software offers Gates Distributors.