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10 Ways TrulinX Makes Counter Sales Easy for Distributors


Counter sales for industrial distributors are typically very profitable but can be hard to process through many ERP software packages.

TrulinX by Tribute, Inc. is a sophisticated distribution and fabrication management software package that makes counter sales a snap.

The TrulinX Counter Sales Module enables you to process walk-in orders, or pickups, quickly and efficiently. TrulinX allows users to complete the counter sales transaction directly from one screen in a timely fashion due to the following capabilities: 

  • Easily find customers and pertinent credit information
  • Find existing contacts and create new ones on walk-in business
  • Ability to apply any pricing contracts to sale
  • Check inventory real time at all locations
  • Ability to separate counter stock from warehouse inventory and easily transfer
  • Issue customer returns and credits on the fly
  • Quickly generate a hose assembly order on the fly
  • Easily designate sale taxable or nontaxable
  • Multiple payment options: cash, credit card, check and “on account”
  • Put a deposit down on back orders / special orders
  • Generate customer receipt with your logo & "Received By" information
  • Secure (PCI compliant) credit card processing

Counter-salesIn addition, a phone order can be processed as a counter sale after-the-fact, in case a customer unexpectedly arrives to pick up their ordered goods and wants to pay for them at that time. No need to delete and re-enter the order, simply modify it and process as a counter sale.

Whatever your needs, from occasional walk-in customers to a full-fledged retail counter sales business, TrulinX gives you the right tools to do the job.

Features of the TrulinX counter sales module:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Reduces errors and redundancies
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to create a quote from the counter sale screen
  • Allows multiple payment terms
  • Available credit limit calculation
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Returns and exchanges can be done easily
  • Ability to have customer's e-signature on their receipts 
  • Allows customers to put deposits on backorders
  • Items that use serial number tracking (i.e. hose assemblies) will automatically generate serial number labels
  • Comments and pop-up notes or work flow instructions for specific customer or part numbers can be displayed and/or printed
  • Provide customer with personalized receipt with the name of who picked up the items

TrulinX logo CTribute also partners with major manufacturers to streamline their distributors' counter sales and supply chain including Eaton's Aeroquip Express and Weatherhead Port-to-Port retail sales, Gates Corporation, plus Parker Hannifin's ParkerStores.

Eaton Corporation uses the TrulinX Counter Sales Module at their Van Wert Aeroquip Express Store which serves as a real-world training ground and laboratory for Eaton distributors.

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