Tribute develops enterprise-wide software for distributors and fabricators. Our Tribute and TrulinX ERP solutions focus on the fluid power, fluid handling, hose, sealing, belting, automation, motion control and related industries.

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Learn why Tribute is "People Friendly Software". 

Read for yourself what our clients have to say about their partnership with Tribute and the benefits of TrulinX software.
Plus, check out our customer spotlights on our blog.

Behco-MRM, Inc.
When Behco invested in TrulinX in 2011, their primary goals were to better track and manage inventory, streamline labor intensive key job functions, and to lower their annual software expenses. Implementing TrulinX helped achieve these goals. In fact, Behco-MRM has been able to aggressively pursue their acquisition, diversification and growth objectives. TrulinX has helped Behco-MRM to run their operation much more effectively, eliminating time consuming, redundant tasks. read more

Faxon Engineering
"TrulinX's Counter Sales has truly streamlined Faxon's business processes at the counter ... TrulinX offers sophisticated BOM tools that allow us to allocate parts down to the component level and expedite components in complicated BOM assemblies ... When Faxon needs to call in with a question, we get someone who knows us on the phone. We now pay lower support fees for better, more knowledgeable customer service." read more

Cline Hose & Hydraulics
"When Cline Hose & Hydraulics purchased TrulinX in 2004, they had a list of goals to achieve with the implementation of TrulinX. Since then, with hard work, understanding of the industry, a sharp focus on their niche, quick response to customers, and a knowledgeable software management partner, they have accomplished all of them. read more

"We love the ease of quote and order entry ... A/R and A/P are much more flexible than on our old system ... We love the personal attention we receive and that we’re not simply a number anymore." read more

HyQuip, Inc
"TrulinX, using SQL database, offers more flexibility... We can retrieve data in a way that we only dreamed about when we were using our other system... The program is flexible, easy to use and very easy to train someone how to use." read more

"I have a favorite quote From the Change Monster -"Opinion Rich and Data Poor". I tell everyone that I am too old to master technology - that I don't care how it works, just tell me what button to push to get the information I need. TrulinX gives me that ability - an easier avenue for me to be on top of up-to-date data. And in today's world, he who owns the data rules! I have been in this business for a long time and have come to the conclusion that we all try to make buying software Rocket Science and it is very simple - It is about relationships. I came from a company that had just converted to Prophet 21 and in my humble opinion, you have much better people. I have noticed very little turnover in your company and everyone, and I stress everyone, is always so helpful. You have "People Friendly Software" and I don't believe a lot of other companies can put a claim to this." - Dan Sucher, Operations Manager, Hart Industries

"Hayes decided to invest in TrulinX because Tribute, Inc. understands the needs of industrial distributors and has tailored their products to meet those needs. Another reason for remaining is the longstanding partnership that Hayes has built with Tribute over the years. The value of our partnership goes well beyond what a software package can provide alone, with a relationship built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect in working together to further the collective goals of both companies." - Eric Marquis, IT Manager, Hayes Pump, Inc. 

"I'm a big fan of Tribute. We've used Tribute's software for the past 12 years and continue to find it to be a huge help in our business. I like the fact that everything is linked – quote to sales order to invoice. If I know a small piece, I can find the whole picture. I also appreciate the value of the customer item cross reference, which allows thousands of customers to "talk in their own language" but be serviced and supported by the Rubber and Accessories sales staff." -
Jackie Robb Britt, CFO, Rubber & Accessories

"Tribute's software offers us so many ways to track our business and allows us the flexibility to create reports that are specific for our management needs. The counter sales program has been a very good fit for us. The key for me is the knowledge of Tribute's support staff. The person answering when the support call is made does not guess at an answer - they will take the time to make sure that the solution for our problem is correct. That is very important to me." -
Al Ensley, Controller, Transmission & Fluid Equipment

"Tribute is invaluable! The software is always on the cutting edge. It's incredible the insight Tribute has into the business. Tribute has made my life easier, and it's worth it. Consolidation is making competition stronger. You need to save money and become more efficient. Software will accomplish that. Tribute stays on the cutting edge; not every software company does that for their customers. We spent a lot of money up front with our software but it's satisfying to know that this is another piece of the business running smoothly." - Michael Goldstein, President, Goldstein-Schwartz, Inc.

"With the continuous changes of our businesses over the years, it is mandatory to have a software package that is going to change with your business and accommodate your changing needs; both areas in which Tribute has excelled. With all the responsibilities and demands on our time, it is with a huge sigh of relief that I know I can rely on the software package that is so integral in running the business." - Kelly Sutula, Treasurer & Systems Admin., Estabrook Corporation

"I have found Tribute's customer service to be excellent and they have been very easy to work with. With their help we are finding new applications and reports that help us manage our business better than ever." -
Mike Barker, VP, JBI Industries

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