Tribute develops enterprise-wide software for distributors and fabricators. Our Tribute and TrulinX ERP solutions focus on the fluid power, fluid handling, hose, sealing, belting, automation, motion control and related industries.

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In 2001, HyQuip, Inc. President Eric Jensen sat down to dinner with Tribute President Tim Reynolds and listened to an interesting proposition.

Mr. Jensen was asked to be the very first user of our newly introduced TrulinX™ Windows based software package. He was curious about the capabilities of this new package and was willing to give it a try. Before long, HyQuip went live with TrulinX. Sixteen months later, Jensen wrote us to say…
"Our other software package had many great features but TrulinX, using SQL database, offers more flexibility."

More specifically, Jensen listed the benefits TrulinX offers to his business:

Data Retrieval
We have the ability to create a TrulinX database query using Microsoft Excel. The benefits to us are too many to list. We can retrieve data in a way that we only dreamed about when we were using our other system.

Bills of Material
Creating, modifying, copying and using BOM's is another of the great improvements in TrulinX. The program is flexible, easy to use and very easy to train someone how to use.

Counter Sales
Counter sales is an important part of our business. TrulinX has developed a counter sales program that solves all of the problems related to this type of transaction.

Hose Assemblies
TrulinX calls the auto-build all assembly program "SMART PART." You can combine the ability to create an Item Alias (in Item Maintenance) with the flexibility of the "SMART PART" program to simplify your assemblies' data entry. The set up for this program is easy to learn and is very easy to use.


TrulinX offers the best of today's technology, such as Windows 2000 Server, MS SQL Server and Object Oriented Programming Architecture. In addition, they have utilized their twenty-two plus years of industrial distribution experience to customize a software package tailored to our industry.

TrulinX not only has the look and feel of Windows based software, it is Windows based software and has consistent standards throughout the programs. This makes training someone familiar with Windows a very easy task.

Why Did HyQuip Choose TrulinX?

Today's distributor has to keep pace with the latest and greatest technology. This technology eases the pain caused by customer demands for new services. The flexibility offered with TrulinX supported by Windows SQL Database technology gives HyQuip a competitive edge. So please do not sell this system to any of our competitors!

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