Tribute develops enterprise-wide software for distributors and fabricators. Our Tribute and TrulinX ERP solutions focus on the fluid power, fluid handling, hose, sealing, belting, automation, motion control and related industries.

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When the time came to look for a new ERP software for Pearse-Bertram, Tribute, Inc. was on company President Jon Pearse’s short list. Familiar with Tribute’s reputation for personal customer service and knowledge of the industrial distribution industry, Pearse elected to look at Tribute’s Windows-based product, TrulinX.

After investigating several options, including packages offered by the company that acquired his DISC software, Pearse chose to partner with Tribute, Inc. His staff loves the real-time system and its many time and money saving benefits. Here they list some of their favorite features:

Auto-Faxing Feature
We love the ZetaFax feature! It enables us to send quotations, purchase orders, invoices and memos right from our desk which saves us so much time. We save on pre-printed forms and paper and love the ability to do overnight faxing of statements.

Ease of Quote/Order Entry
We love the ease and flexibility of quote and order entry. Right from the initial phone call, quotes can be entered on the fly, including entry of new BOM’s, and these can be turned into an order at the click of a button. This feature eliminates the handwritten order form, cutting down on errors and allowing for better traceability for delivery, etc. Plus, with the Copy Line feature, large orders take significantly less time to input.

Flexible A/P and A/R Tools
A/R and A/P are much more flexible than on our old system. We can do adjustments in a number of places and can search in a variety of ways. Since everything is tied together from quote to shipment, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. You can post just one item and partials are easy to do. Multiple A/P batches can be done at the same time, so we don’t have to wait until one is posted before working on another. TrulinX also has a great pop-up comment feature which is easily visible and sequential - quite helpful in keeping track of customer phone calls, special instructions, etc.

Invoicing and Month-End Time Savings

We used to spend 2.5 hours a day on invoicing - now it takes minutes. And best of all, Month-End Close takes seconds instead of the 4-8 hours it took with our old software. Now our business isn’t at a standstill while waiting for month-end to close.

Agent Order Processing
TrulinX makes the agent order process simple – from entering orders to processing commission receipts. We find TrulinX easily accommodates these tasks. We like that sales information is included in our Sales Reports.

Real Time Information
We like that we can get up-to-the-minute sales and accounting information. The Business Activity Screen is great and provides real time information – from sales bookings to what we have in our checking account.

UPS Worldship Integration
Having UPS Worldship completely integrated with TrulinX saves our warehouse staff hours of time. Plus we’re able to go right from the tracking number in an order in TrulinX to the UPS website to check on the status - at the click of a button!

Industry Focus and Personal Attention
We love the personal attention we receive and that we’re not simply a number anymore. When we call in, TrulinX support reps know us and know our business. Tribute’s focus on our industry means that their product development will continue to be relevant to us. And as an added plus, we are paying less for far better and more personal support!

Today’s distributor needs the best tools to compete effectively and operate efficiently. Tribute, Inc. provides a wealth of industry knowledge and the tools you need to streamline business processes, cut costs, save time, improve margins and most importantly, improve the ability to serve your customer and give you the competitive edge.

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